Black Tie Week: Celebrities Suit Up To Save Our Sons

Black Tie Week was created in an effort to change the perception of Black men in America and get people to continue speaking out on the inequality in the criminal justice system after the verdict in the George Zimmerman trial.

“The Trayvon Martin case has inspired the men to come together to encourage a solution for improving the public perception of Black Americans. How a person dresses is how they are perceived. Black Tie Week brings our entire community together to change the perception of young black men,” said Holmes, who hosts Cartoon Network’s game show “Hole in the Wall.” 

Actors Teck Holmes (Cartoon Network/Hole In The Wall) and Eric Bivens-Bush (Burn Notice) founded the Black Tie movement. Various actors-including Wesley Jonathan (TV Land/The Soul Man), Aldis Hodge (Leverage), Edwin Hodge (The Purge), Shawn Carter Peterson (The Host), Nicholas “The World Famous N.I.C.” Demps (Truth Hall), , Dennis L.A. White (Notorious), Malik Barnhardt (Gun), Toryan Rogers (The Prodigal) and director/writer Terry Gingles, attended a Black Tie Week photo shoot to support the movement. Renowned photographer Lanisha Cole, makeup artist Hanna Morrow and entertainment publicist Sherise Ford were there and contributed their services to Black Tie Week as well. 


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Aldis Hodge (Leverage) & SCP    photo by Lanisha Cole

Aldis Hodge (Leverage) & SCP

photo by Lanisha Cole

Lena Lamoray has an SCP Exclusive!

"...Lena:  How much fun was it filming that episode of The Shield with Walton Goggins?

Shawn Carter Peterson:  [Laughing.]  Let me tell you, the funniest thing was that we were shooting right on Sunset Boulevard in the middle of the day and they shoot it very realistically, so there were no cameras right on us they were all across the street.  I was standing there working, because I’m playing a working boy on the street, and one of my neighbors pulled up in a convertible because he saw me and I got a little worried.  He asked me if I was being a TV star today because our rent really wasn’t that much so I didn’t have to be out there.  [Laughing.]..."

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Ms. De LaLeu Interviews SCP about The Host

​"...You are now officially dubbed by me as “Mr. Do It All”  …you’re a burgeoning director and producer…when do you have time for friends, family, and that special lady?

LOL….Oh, I make time!  I’m a very social person so it’s part of my make up that I have to get “hang time”…and as far as my special lady?  I DEFINITELY make time for the Misses! I’d have it no other way!!..."

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SCP Talks with Film Equals about The Host

In the film, you’re working with Soairse Ronan and Diane Kruger. What’s it like working with them, especially Diane Kruger, who’s been in the business for so long?

Shawn Carter Peterson: Diane Kruger was really, really great. It was funny because when I went for my wardrobe fitting, I had to go in the hair and makeup trailer and she was in there getting her hair done on the first day. I was a little starstruck because I watched her work in Inglorious Basterds and I had to take that moment and honor that and be like, “Hey, I thought you were awesome.” To get to work with her kind of made you feel like, “I’m doing something right. I’m in this kind of company; I’m doing something right.”

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SCP Talks about his upcoming role in The Host - Exclusive Interview


BSCkids: Shawn Carter Peterson

When did you first decide you wanted to be an actor?

I’ve always been a performer.  I knew I wanted to be an actor when I got hit with the acting bug after my first role starring in my Middle School Dinner Theatre Production as Peter Pan.

Your upcoming film, The Host, comes from famed writer Stephenie Meyer. Were you nervous signing on to a project that has the potential to be as big as her previous project, Twilight?

I was a little nervous signing on.  But the nerves were more from excitement!  I didn’t really think too hard about it, I just knew that it was gonna be a great project to be a part of and couldn’t wait to see what was going to happen when I got to work."

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