Shawn Carter Peterson of The Host talks aliens and acting with Blast

"Shawn Carter Peterson started his career at a Baltimore middle school in green tights. He hit the stage for the first time during a Friends School production of Peter Pan, as Mr. Pan himself. In the years since, the actor has leapt from role to role, climbing his way up the acting ladder.  On March 29, Carter Peterson will hit the big screen in The Host, alongside Saoirse Ronan and Diane Kruger."​

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SCP- The Dope Mag Interview

"Versatile virtuoso Shawn Carter Peterson stars in "The Host", the Stephanie Meyer produced Sci-Fi thriller adapted from her novel of the same name.  Due in theaters worldwide this March, Shawn sat down with DOPE to provide a sneak peak into the predicted blockbuster.  And also to give his take on current film roles fo people of color in Hollywood, introduce us to his video production company, and brag about his native Baltimore Ravens."​

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