SCP- The Dope Mag Interview

(ToneSwep: TS) You’re a Baltimore native. What are your Ravens going to do on Sunday? (Shawn Carter Peterson: SCP) The ravens are going to win! There is no doubt, at least there is
no doubt in my mind. Come on now. Ray Lewis? Come on.
(TS) You’re coming from a last minute audition. Did you nail it? (SCP) It went well actually. With those last second calls you have to get into character quickly,
but I think I pulled it off. Unfortunately, I got a ticket on the way there (Laughs!).
(TS) Aww, man. So you made your donation to the city of Los Angeles, huh?
(SCP) Yeah, specifically to the city of Burbank. Police pulled me over about three blocks from the audition. Then he tried to give me another ticket on top of the first one because I was holding my cell phone. I‘m like, ‘I’m just using GPS man. I’m not talking on it’. But yeah, made my donation to the city of Burbank.

-and excerpt from the article by TONE SWEP

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